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African Love Quotes: Need

Telios Books | Dream Girl By Mary Kamau | Front Cover

Dean could see Hope’s emotions written all over her face.

Confusion. Fear. Want. Need.

Need that hit him right in the gut.

Then nothing. She withdrew back into her shell. 

Dream Girl By Mary Kamau

Even when Hope seems lost…

Hope is in her last year of university getting a degree she never wanted but needed to earn. Her father’s sudden death lands her in the middle of a territory war between two drug lords kicking her quarter life crisis into high gear. They’re determined to get her father’s property by any means necessary. But falling for the man standing between them and her could very well be what leads to her downfall. 

There’s love to be found…

From corporate manager to carpenter, Dean walked away from the dream life he always wanted to build the real life he truly needed. A life that Hope would be the perfect addition to. But when unfinished business from his past puts her in even more danger than she’s already in, he’s torn between letting her go and holding on tighter. To save his dream girl, he has to trust the person whose betrayal almost costs him his life. 

But only if you have faith. 

Hope and Dean have to confront their pasts if they want to have a future together. Will their new found love be strong enough to stand the test of time? 

Standalone romance. No cliffhangers.

Dream Girl by Mary Kamau is available in our store.

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