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Even where our faith is as small as a mustard seed, we have power to move mountains. Nothing is impossible for us. 

We declare this Word as manifest truth over our lives, our homes, our schools, our workplaces and our nations. 

Many go through life as though they will start living when they are “successful”. What they don’t know is that in life, success is how we live each day. The lessons learned along the way when one is pursuing something are just as important as achieving the desired goal. 

To attain anything, you have to work with what you have in hand. Doing so – creatively and efficiently every day – is living a successful life. Sufficient To Start will help you see that you can enjoy your growth process – even before you hit your goals. 

This book will change you. Because “a mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimension”. The life you’ve dreamed of is only a renewed mindset away.

In The Mood For: African Poetry

Telios Books | Flowers In A Broken Vase By David Oyuke | Front Cover Resized

David Oyuke carries an aroma of life with him. The 7th born of 7 children born on the 7th day of the 7th month, he rarely thought there was anything about him to write home about.

A perfect candidate to be described as a flower in a broken vase, he knows that the things that truly matter in life are rarely found on the surface or at first glance.

This poetry collection is from his heart and as you read it, you will feel the texture of every written word, and find the rare treasure beneath the surface. Who knows? The treasure you find may very well be a beautiful fragment of yourself you never knew existed.

African Love Quotes: Belong

Thirty seconds.

That’s all it took for Hailey to conclude that being perched on a bar stool at the neighbourhood local on the last Friday of the month was not one of her best ideas.

She didn’t belong here. 

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Jefferson Mwadime | Telios Books Author

Jefferson Mwadime

When Jefferson published his 1st book, he was a high school student at Gulab Lochab Academy. He had also just attained the Silver Standard of the President’s Award Scheme for young people. 

He went on to obtain the Gold Standard of the President’s Award scheme for young people, graduated from Africa Nazarene University with a B.A. in Commerce (Marketing) and now works at the Hult Prize Foundation.

Jefferson is passionate about personal development and in his free time, you can find him storytelling or reading books. 

Read more from Jefferson.


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