Flowers In A Broken Vase By David Oyuke

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David Oyuke carries an aroma of life with him. The 7th born of 7 children born on the 7th day of the 7th month, he rarely thought there was anything about him to write home about. A perfect candidate to be described as a flower in a broken vase, he knows that the things that truly matter in life are rarely found on the surface or at first glance.

This poetry collection is from his heart and as you read it, you will feel the texture of every written word, and find the rare treasure beneath the surface. Who knows? The treasure you find may very well be a beautiful fragment of yourself you never knew existed.


Deep Gold
Your Mother Has Returned/ Flytraps
Letter To My Old Hood
What We Hide Inside
Where Dreams Die
Black Boots
Dreamless Men
Heroes In The Night Sky
The Truth Of Love
A Different Time
Flowers In A Broken Vase
Dear Doodle
I Know Why The Caged Bird Is Caged
Second Hand Loving
Rail Road Love – An Ode To Harriet Tubman
The Children We Lost
We Are Human
Things That Grow
Before I Sleep
Something About The World
Silent Lions & Roaring Men
Window Love
Tainted Flowers
Broken Pieces Of Light
Secrets Of A Chandelier
Finally I Succumb
Treasures In The Desert
No Plastic Surgery For The Soul
My Worship
Thoughts When Alive
Brave Enough To Love
If I Was A Man – Written By A Bird
The Noose We Tied With Our Hands
Where Dreams Live
Nothing Shameful About Love
Looking Back

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