Telios Librarian Note

  • Telios Books | Present In God's Presence By Mary Kamau | Front Cover
  • Telios Books | Dream Girl By Mary Kamau | Front Cover
  • Telios Books | My Identity Children's Devotional By Mercy Mandela | Front Cover
  • Telios Books | Chosen Not Cheated By Koki Oyuke | Front Cover Resized
  • Telios Books | Flowers In A Broken Vase By David Oyuke | Front Cover Resized

Welcome to the digital home of books that inspire, educate & entertain you.

In our beautiful digital library, you’ll find all kinds of books.

Books that will keep you company on the road they find you on.

Some will have you in stitches (the laughing kind) while others will steal your breath (you’ll get it back, we promise).

Then there are those that will bring you the aahh moment you didn’t know you needed. The adventure to get lost in for a while. The wind back in your sails. The discovery of a lifetime. The comfort of knowing – it’s not just me.

That’s why we can say for sure – you won’t leave here the same.

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