Telios Authors FAQ

What you need to know about selling your books on our website.

Mary Kamau | Telios Books Author

“Telios Books allows me to sell my digital books seamlessly.”

Mary Kamau, Telios Books Author


What do I get as a Telios Books Author?
  1. FREE setup of your book(s) for distribution on Telios Books website
  2. FREE formatting of your e-book(s) for distribution on Telios Books website
  3. FREE author page on Telios Books that you can use to market your work
  4. Keep 90% of your book sales.
  5. Readers get seamless access to your e-books across multiple devices wherever they are
  6. Monthly updates on book sales & readership
  7. Access to writing & publishing services from Telios Press for current & future literary work


How do I register my book(s) for distribution on Telios Books?

Registration is done online through our sign-up form found here:

Which books does Telios Books distribute?

Our primary focus is wholesome African books i.e. books written by African authors that inspire, educate and entertain. There’s more to our stories than grassland savannahs and we want to have our diversity as a continent well represented.

What book formats do you distribute?

Hard copies (paperbacks, hardcovers, etc) & e-books

What happens to my book copyright?

You maintain ownership of your copyright as an author.

How do you protect my e-book from piracy?
  1. Our book formatting process is tailor-made to provide a wonderful reader experience while reducing the odds of piracy
  2. Our website has copy & print protection.
  3. Your e-book is only accessible to readers who’ve paid for it.
  4. Readers cannot download any part of your e-book from our website.
My book has never been published. Can you distribute it?

Yes, we can. We recommend our publishing services (editing, formatting, cover design & more) at Telios Press to get your manuscript ready for publication & distribution.

Can I sell my book in other stores?

Yes. Our author agreement is non-exclusive i.e. you are at liberty to sell your book in other bookstores.

However, ensure that you’re not in an exclusive agreement with another book retailer that bars you from stocking your book with us.

What if I want to remove my book from circulation on Telios Books?

You are at liberty to do so. However, we require a minimum 60-day notice to effect all the necessary changes and finalize any pending payments. Please note that any refunds required for readers will come at the author’s expense.


How much will I be paid?

You receive 90% of the profit from your book sales. Telios Books keeps 10% as a commission. This applies for both digital and physical sales.

What are the available modes of payment?

Mobile money or direct bank deposit.

How often do I get paid?

Monthly payments will be made to you for amounts that are Ksh. 5000 ($50) and above.

For amounts below Ksh. 5000 ($50), the amount will be carried over into subsequent months until it reaches Ksh. 5000 ($50).

How do I track my book sales?

We will send you a monthly statement for your book sales and readership.

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