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Kenyan book excerpt from Sufficient To Start – personal transformation book by Kenyan author Jefferson Mwadime.

Sufficient To Start By Jefferson Mwadime

Everything you need is in your hand.

Many go through life as though they will start living when they are “successful”. What they don’t know is that in life, success is how we live each day. The lessons learned along the way when one is pursuing something are just as important as achieving the desired goal.

To attain anything, you have to work with what you have in hand. Doing so – creatively and efficiently every day – is living a successful life. Sufficient To Start will help you see that you can enjoy your growth process – even before you hit your goals.

This book will change you. Because “a mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimension”. The life you’ve dreamed of is only a renewed mindset away.

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