Chosen Not Cheated By Koki Oyuke


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We all get a piece of the sky to colour.

But what do you do when everyone else’s life but yours seems to be on course? What do you do when you know that you were born for greatness, but you’ve spent years living in the prequel version of the dreams pulsing in your heart? What do you do when you feel unseen?

Chosen Not Cheated seeks to answer these questions and more. It’s a book for those of us who’ve lived most of our lives feeling ripped off; an offering for those of us who feel cheated, unseen and behind in life while everyone else’s seems to be on course.

Through a mix of wit, candour and biblical story, Koki invites us to look back at our lives to see all the ways we have been chosen by God especially when we feel cheated. We tend to think chosen means easy, and big, and great, and definitely without challenges, but that’s the lie that sinks our dreams. We will seldom leave this life without a few bruises or the stink of death. But right there, in the mess, is where we find the sparks of chosen, the everyday holy, the God with us through it all.

Chosen Not Cheated is a story about becoming in the in-between, thin and hard places we find ourselves in life. It’s about scars—yours and mine—and the journeys that led to them. It’s about discovering the stars that have been lighting our paths all along. Because we’re chosen, not cheated.


Foreword By Mary Kamau
Why I Wrote This Book
Chapter 1: Unseen
Chapter 2: The Sound of Our Waiting
Chapter 3: The Thing You’re Afraid of
Chapter 4: What Makes Them Special?
Chapter 5: Don’t Trust Your Hype
Chapter 6: The Gift of Invisibility
Chapter 7: Give Yourself Permission
Chapter 8: Not Denied, Just In Between Floors
Chapter 9: Carrying Crowns & Setting Tables
Chapter 10: Everything Is Beautiful Here
Chapter 11: The Last to Bloom
Dear Millennials of The World


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